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"From WarThunder's revenues to the way players are and the game mode issues."The feedback survey was closed while I was writing it down, so here it is

・The difference in repair costs between premium aircraft and tree aircraft is too great to use anything but premium aircraft when considering profitability.
To be rational, repair costs should be aligned with tree aircraft repair costs and premium aircraft "based on tree aircraft."
The above should be applied to intermediate aircraft in the aircraft tree, and for high BR aircraft, "Repair costs should be aligned based on the premium aircraft. That's how high the repair costs are for tree aircraft."
And the Navy has such high repair costs when it comes to high BR from cruisers that they must be out of their minds. This is where "we should align the repair costs of the tree's ships based on the premium ships."
Unless the repair cost of battleships is at least 5 times cheaper, 'I can't bring myself to play.'


・While the Battle Pass is a profitable system, the difficulty of obtaining rewards and the severity of the Battle Pass progression levels are unusually high compared to other games and demotivate players.
Unlike the early days, when once a Battle Pass challenge was released, there was an opportunity to complete it until the end of the game, now there are deadlines set for the challenges, leading to a loss of motivation for the game.
Also, the tasks are different in each battle mode, so even if you want to play different modes, you are stuck in a specific game mode, which is very constricting.
In particular, the restriction of not being able to complete tasks in simulator battles is not satisfactory for those who enjoy playing WarThunder as a whole.
In general, Gaijin does not intend for the WarThunder Battle Pass to be completed. I would rather prioritize other games with battlepaths that are easier to progress in than to do something like that.
It would be very obvious to follow the example of "Enlisted" in that area. Even if you play a game once or twice, your battle pass will increase by one or two levels. This is very motivating.


・Recently, the number of people matched in air realistic battles has increased from 12 vs. 12 to 16 vs. 16, resulting in a very large earnings gap in air realistic battles, which are systematically team deathmatch style.
Those who cannot air-to-air attack ground targets, which does not affect the win/loss at all. This has caused people to be called "farmers" which is used by the stupid Gaijin people.
Improvements are needed to make these not "farmers" but "players" who lead the game to victory.
For example, implement a spawn point system for land battles. By destroying ground targets and ground targets by bombers and attack aircraft, players can accumulate spawn points while cutting down the enemy's strength gauge. Then, by using fighter planes to prevent bombers and attack planes from depleting the gauge, the player can take on the role of a "player" rather than a "farmer.


・Furthermore, WarThunder implements helicopters, but their use is limited to a limited number of battlefields. The demand is only for some players in land battles. Why don't you modify the system to allow them to participate and be active in air realistic battles?
I am an aerial combat player and I would like to make helicopters active easily and use them freely flying around in simulator battles if possible.
Helicopters could have a major role, especially if the game mode is to attack the ground targets mentioned above and cut down the gauges.


・SL is not only used to purchase aircraft.
Expertise of aircrews also consumes a huge amount of SL, but there is no way to strengthen aircrews if SL is decreasing every time they play.


・To sum up, WarThunder now is not only about revenue, but also about the demand of players who use it, the range of battlefields available, the change of the battle path to a generic task and the ease of progression of the battle path. These and other major improvements must be made.
WarThunder has abandoned many balance issues and only expanded content. No matter how interesting the game is, if the management cannot handle it properly, the population will decline and the game will become a low rated game.
I hope that WarThunder will step up from arcade battles to realistic battles and further step up to simulator battles so that more and more players can participate.


・These are my personal thoughts, but I think WarThunder is potentially a great game and has room to grow. For example, the tank simulator battles could allow the cupola to be opened and closed, and the closed state could add a change in acoustics by using a periscope to see your surroundings.
The volume issue is one thing, but as long as it is done as esports, it is also very strange to be able to adjust the sound of your engine and the sound of other players' engines separately.
Naval battles are also not realistic with constantly flying NPC aircraft and attack and thunderbolts attacking alone. Personally, I think it would also expand the gameplay to include NPCs in land battles, as well as anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns that are around the tochka in air battles to increase the value of the grenades.


There are many areas where I would like to see more improvement, but I am curious how else WarThunder users would like to see it improved. I would love it if you would write this topic.

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