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LF Friendly talkative squadron

  • Type of squadron you're looking for  Casual
  • Modes you play AB/RB
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most (Air/Ground need lots of practice with both
  • Preferred nations  Germany, Russia
  • Preferred game servers  EU 
  • Your age 24
  • Preferred language English
  • Preferred controller type Mouse + Keyboard
  • Timezone / available playing times Anytime from 18:00 onwards as I am in a 09:00--17:00 job
  • Preferred communication platform Discord 


I have bought a few high tier vehicles but am still on the low end (Panther is the latest German tank I have), Fw190 A1 is my latest plane but find air battles very difficult but still enjoyable. Just looking to have a good time playing and hopefully make some friends to play with as that always makes it more enjoyable 

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=PMRL Is a squadron a few friends and I have decided to create a few months ago. We have decided to expand our squadron to players of all ranks and skill levels; we also have a few veteran players who are willing to give advice to newer players. We are a squadron that will be doing frequent squadron battles, and if you don't want to participate that is completely fine. What we ask of our members:

1. Treat each other equally. We understand that you might not like someone else but that doesn't mean you need to show it publicly or treat them differently.


2. Keep a positive attitude in game and in the discord. Everyone has there moments of anger, which is why we have a channel in our discord where you can express it, but not towards other members.


3. Stay active. If you don't want to participate in squadron battles at least maintain a level of activity. Everyone needs a break from War Thunder sometimes just notify one of our staff members.


4. Discord. Anyone who joins this squadron will need discord as it is our way of communicating with each other.



How to join:

 Find =PMRL= in the game and apply.


Join the discord which can be found here: https://discord.gg/hjakRuFHGe

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I am looking for an active clan that plays in the AM USA time my old guild is dying.


I play mostly ground realistic, but mess around in naval arcade and realistic.  I am terrible at air but would be willing to learn if someone could help me.


I have tier II in all ground nations and am up to about 5.3 or 5.7 in german, us, and ussr ground.  I have up to tier III in blue water and tier II in coastal.


I have discord and have a mic.  Discord is my preferred chat.


I am 55 years old and live in Kentucky, USA.  At the moment I am not playing a lot due to health problems and lack of anyone to platoon with.


I rate my skill as low-moderate.  I feel I could really up my game however if I had some people to teach me.  I am self taught and know in concept how to play but just have a  lot of trouble staying alive.


My skill is somewhat better at naval but I almost never find anyone who plays it.


Thanks for your consideration,

Werner_von_Seitz in game and on discord.



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