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如何使用战区的“respawnbase”功能?——How to ues “respawnbase” tool in the CaptureZoon



I want the game to be divided into attackers and defenders, the attacker captures the corresponding respawn point of this theater every time he attacks a capture zone, and correspondingly, the defender loses the corresponding respawn point, I tried to implement it in other ways but it was too cumbersome, I noticed that the war zone has a function such as "respawnbase" and tried to use it - obviously it didn't work, that's what I wanted to solve.

(I apologize for the software translation)


this is ‘respawnbase“ in wiki:

respawnBase: Creates respawn assigned to your capture zone (for example if team A captures it then it will be able to spawn there, the same happens when the other team will recapture it)



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