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HDR concerns

I'm not really sure why but hdr just doesnt want to fully engage it seems. When toggled, its like a perpetual 'sunglasses' effect where eveyrhting is just dimmed down. I can migitate this via post fx  and adjusting monitor options to help the colors actually pop like theyre suppose to. Other hdr compatible games has 0 issues and the effect is immediate and noticeable. I'm assuming this is just more 'war thunder' shenanigans where settings dont want to really behave or if i need to perform a ritual dance to appease the snail. But yeah, thats my experience with hdr. Not sure if this is a recurring problem for other users or not.


edit: i forgot to mention, on rare occasions when i alt+tab out and into the game, the screen will sometimes become a lot brighter and the sunglasses effect goes away for a split second before coming back. more shenanigans i assume.

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