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Veteran looking for an active squadron

As stated I am a veteran War Thunder player and have been playing since 2017. I'm on almost every day and I'm looking for an active squadron to play things with, have fun and grind out the Squadron Vehicles. My Squadron I've been in since 2020 is sadly a somewhat desolate place and I'm hoping for a change of scenery.


Find below my player card:Untitled.png.c42ef3fa30edb5f6ca291a42d00


  • Type of squadron you're looking for  Mostly casual, although if needed I can play Squadron battles.
  • Modes you play RB
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most  Ground and Air
  • Preferred nations Any
  • Preferred game servers EU
  • Your age 21
  • Preferred language English
  • Timezone / available playing times GMT +2
  • Preferred communication platform Discord or Teamspeak
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Hey Richie,


        AOD is a fairly big clan, so should not be an issue finding people to play with. We are a casual clan first but we also participate in squadron battles. Any way check us out and good luck in your search.



Angels of Death - [AOD]

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a large, active, global gaming community? 

AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community with 20+ years of gaming success under our belts and 2900+ dedicated members across the globe. We currently support 15 different games, click here to view them.

We are a well-established, well-organized gaming community and we greet all players with a warm welcome.

War thunder division of AOD:

- 300+ members in the war thunder division of AOD

- New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100's who can help you out.

- We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks and ships

- Feeling competitive? We play squadron battles and have finished in the top 100 several times (not required to participate in).


- Age 16 or older

- Have a working microphone

- Level 8 or higher in-game

- Active with a good attitude

- Be on our TeamSpeak server while playing

 How to apply:

Step 1 - Visit our website www.clanAOD.net .

Step 2 - Click the apply button to make your profile (or click here) .

- Please make your profile name match your in-game name.

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile; click the apply here and select war thunder to submit an application to the war thunder division of the AOD (or click here) .

Feel free to join our discord:


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=PMRL Is a squadron a few friends and I have decided to create a few months ago. We have decided to expand our squadron to players of all ranks and skill levels; we also have a few veteran players who are willing to give advice to newer players. We are a squadron that will be doing frequent squadron battles, and if you don't want to participate that is completely fine. What we ask of our members:

1. Treat each other equally. We understand that you might not like someone else but that doesn't mean you need to show it publicly or treat them differently.


2. Keep a positive attitude in game and in the discord. Everyone has there moments of anger, which is why we have a channel in our discord where you can express it, but not towards other members.


3. Stay active. If you don't want to participate in squadron battles at least maintain a level of activity. Everyone needs a break from War Thunder sometimes just notify one of our staff members.


4. Discord. Anyone who joins this squadron will need discord as it is our way of communicating with each other.



How to join:

 Find =PMRL= in the game and apply.


Join the discord which can be found here: https://discord.gg/hjakRuFHGe

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