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[Event] Tank Football 2023 Feedback


Since I could not find a dedicated feedback thread I thought it might be worth it, to create one.


As of now, state of game and progress in the event I would rather have 3 build-a-bear-events simultaneously than this mess, but let's start with the constructive critique to improve it.




The scoring mechanics don't work half of the time, goals and assists can be calculated fairly correct, but saves are not reliable.

You can stop a ball dead in its tracks or shoot it across the field to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal, and get no credit for that at all.

On the other side, on some occasions it is merely enough to tough a close to stationary ball anywhere near the goal, even if it would have never hit it to get a save on the score board.

This can be quite annoying and frustrating.


Game Physics


This game mode in particular shows just how bad War Thunder physics are. In a regular game you can notice it but in a game mode that heavily relies on it, it is just a hundred times more apparent.

A few examples, a lot might have encountered are:

  • Being stopped dead in your track while trying to slide up the side on some occasions (works on others)
  • General behavior of the ball being completely random at times
  • You can glitch below the map and get stuck there
  • Huge impacts on other player vehicles, even if you just slightly touch it.


Basically if you try to play it tactical right now, and you want to predict the flow of the game you basically screwed up at this point cause one of the above points will ruin your play, I have noticed that if you ignore your knowledge about basic physics you can, most of the time, achieve better results than if you try to reason with good physics. I know this is just a temporal event, but it could be used to create better physics, even for the base game.


Event score and rewards


The rewards are nice, but the amount of score you need is ridiculously high, which gets even more amplified by the scoring system not registering actions properly.

Right now, the only reliable source of points is to try to play as aggressive as possible and score goals or touch the ball before your allies score.

This leads basically to a play style you see when little children try to play real life football. Everyone rushes towards the ball, and a big fur ball around it is the result.

Currently, your reward progress is only affected by your score, so every action of your teammates is basically a hindrance to your progress.

This results, as an example, in the beginning of the match that the whole team tries to stop the ball and hinders the player on the goalkeeper position by deflecting the ball or stopping it, resulting in no points for a dedicated defensive player.


The overall amount of points needed for rewards is quite high if you only consider personal score. A solution would be to grant team score after a match, so all actions by your team will get added up, and you will get progress as a team. The leaderboard could still work on personal achievements in game. This would result in more team play. If I stop an enemy right now and a friendly is able to score a goal, in the current system, I would not get credit for the action. A team based score would also reward actions to support your teammates and improve gameplay. Also, inactivity should not be exploitable, cause a 2v3 is most likely a quick loss with near to none score points for your team. As an alternative, an auto-kick-function for inactivity above 10-20 seconds could help to regulate it.




The game mode in itself is a nice shake up of the normal War Thunder gameplay and could be entertaining but the current issues, highlighted above, make it just frustrating, annoying and promote selfish behavior and toxicity towards each other, even more than normal events during a random game.

As mentioned above, there would be easy workarounds with regard to scoring and bigger issues that would need to be addresses to make it perfect, but the effort could also benefit regular gameplay, so it might be wort it.


I hope that we can have a nice and constructive talk and maybe get this forwarded to the devs as feedback and inspiration for future events. :salute:


Edit: Just for transparency, I ended my participation in the event cause how bad and frustrating it is. This comes from a player that has participated and finished all events from CBT of the game. Just as a sidenote on my stance here.

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(I play WT because I very much dislike sport, especially football since I'm English - how dare they dirty my game with such an annoying sport industry!!!)

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I have to say that the current Tank Football imo is definitely a step forward, compared to the previous one.


My feedback about the event:


- It's a bit laggy and glitchy, but it was so much worse last year. I very rarely see players getting stuck in the ground this time. It didn't happen to me yet (I didn't have to J-out so far), and that was a common issue last time.


- The ball itself is still laggy, I think this is a problem with WT network engine. It's not designed for such fast action, especially when the ball is flying at high speeds. Today I had a situation, where the ball was going straight at me, I saved it, on my screen for a while it looked like I hit it, but then somehow it glitched and returned to its original path through my position, into the goal, like I wasn't even there. And it's not my network connection fault. I said I'm very sorry to my team, and they confirmed they saw the same. On their screen I also saved the ball, and then it suddenly changed the position and jumped into our goal (there was no one around me, so it couldn't have been some weird ricochet). I see such strange ball behaviour quite often in matches. This is something that could be improved for sure.


- I like improved map a lot, it's much better than the previous one, it favors offensive playstyle. There are still some problems with your tank sometimes suddenly stops in place on curved parts when you shot (the same can happen with the ball). Again, it doesn't happen that often, but it's definitely annoying.


- There are problems with saves. Sometimes you are not credited at all for a perfect save, even if the ball is clearly heading your goal, when you make a save.


- You are not credited for a goal, when you push the enemy to score an own goal. You should be credited for that, if your team scored thanks to your action (by pushing someone, even if you haven't touched the ball yourself).


- There is a relatively long waiting time when the match finish. The waiting time is increased by "mission objective failed" or "mission objective completed" animation, before you can see your match result. This "mission objective failed" or "mission objective completed" animation is not needed, and could be removed. We have "Mission accomplished" or "Mission failed" animations later anyway, and they are enough.


- The current part of the match should just end if there are 5 or less seconds and someone just scored. There is no sense to kick off again, that's not enough time to score, so it's a waste of time. I think 6 seconds is the minimum time required to score from a kick off.


- If a player doesn't spawn, after like 1-2 minutes (or if someone score in that time) they should be kicked out of the match. I had matches where we played 2v3 for good 10 minutes, because someone decided to AFK. This is horrible. If someone is AFK, just replace him with someone else, who actually wants to play!


- I had one 4v3 match. For some reason, matchmaker decided 4v3 is fair (and no, it wasn't squad tank football, it was a regular match). This could be related to a bug that sometimes puts more players into one team even in random battles. But it's still very strange that this can happen in Tank Football as well.


- Sometimes the scoreboard (at the top) has wrong team colors. Instead of green and orange, it has standard blue and red colors.



But overall, like I said, imo current event is definitely a step forward. I enjoy it much more than the previous one. I'm sure some improvements here and there would make it even better!

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Firs thing is that you do not earn any SL in football.

Second thing is that you do not earn any prize points for winning in football.

Who is with me?

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