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Looking for a squadron

  • Type of squadron you're looking for - semi- competitive, casual; mostly want to learn and socialize
  • Modes you play - just air and ground arcade so far
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most - air and ground right now, will make my way to naval eventually
  • Preferred nations - currently US, Germany and USSR, primarily for the variety
  • Preferred game servers - NA
  • Your age - well beyond the limits of concern, at least chronologically
  • Preferred language - English
  • Preferred controller type - Mouse + Keyboard
  • Timezone / available playing times - Varies due to my job. I travel for a living, but my home time is central, US
  • Preferred communication platform - Discord


I'm fairly new to the game. Many of you have probably already ammo-racked or blown off my wings and tail already. Generally good natured, like and want to learn the game and pick up a few friends along the way. Not really interested in hardcore, as my schedule may or may not permit it. I'm a mediocre player, at best, currently, though I do have 'lightning' moments (flashes of brilliance, then they're gone). I'm willing to compete with squadron vehicles, but currently only at rank 2 with two nations in ground, almost rank 2 in USSR air and close to rank 3 in US air. 


Sorry for shamelessly copying/pasting your guide  TheElite96but it made it very easy, so, thank you!


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OTG- Old Tank Guys
War Thunder gameplay without the kids

Pair/squad up with other older folk and enjoy game play that
ranges from "just fun" to coordinated team tactics. 

Watch our promo/ad:

Link to discord and other stuff: http://otg.webcoservices.com/




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