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Unfair gameplay moderated-suggestions

I was not able to text this in moderated-suggestions so i do it here

Hello Gaijin I have a small suggestion or idea that I think you would like to hear my opinion on and maybe consider putting it in the game. Unfortunately, it is very common for spawn camping by the opposing team to puch into our spawn and sit ready to shoot you directly when the spawn protection goes out. It would be very nice to get this to stop so you can get an honest chance to get out of the spawn at least. My idea is that there could have been a kind of "punishment" for the players who do this as an example, let's say I sit and spawn camp in my opponent's team. But if this is done, a timer should come up like the "Return to battlefield" otherwise your vehicle explodes. This is very common in ground unfortunately. So if you either introduce such a thing that it happens or that you can do as they do in Counter Strike that if you misbehave too much, you can be kicked from the game and get a ban of a few minutes so you can not play any vehicle for 10 minutes and if you continue to do this, the time of your ban can increase to, for example, 30 minutes 3 hours 1 day up to 14 days. I think this would actually get players to stop spawn camping and doing team kills that this actually becomes a punishment for one's behavior what do you think about this proposal? MVH Chernobyl_Hero on War Thunder

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