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Winter maps are far to bright and decals can't be precisely scaled anymore


imho the last update brought alot "issues". Two of the most notable things is the brightness of winter maps. They're now far to bright, its hardly comfortable for my eyes. Tbh, it somehow feels as if my eyes are hurt. Despite my ingame gamma setting is already at minimum! Ofc I can lower the gamma / contrast / brightness values of my screen, but then all other maps are far too dark. So I'd have to play around with monitor settings alot, depending on whatever map type is playing. Which is annyoing!


Another issue are decals like crosses, stars, field numbers, victory markings etc.pp. Yesterday I unlocked a new tank and wanted to add some emblems, but noticed that you can't precisely change the size anymore. It seems there are just a couple of roughly preset standard sizes now. Like super small - normal - big - superbig. Before you could precisesely adjust the size almost on a pixel level. Now you permanently have the issues that you can't set it up in a historical way. Emblems etc. either look too big or too small now. On some positions you can't make them fit to the vehicle. One setting is too small...the next bigger one is already far too big for the desired spot.... Puuh ...change this back!


Then I also noticed alot new sound bugs of RWR alerts, which won't go away if you lose your vehicle and spawn something else. UI elements are sometimes on wrong positions and overlap.... Unwanted tooltips pop up in naval...

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