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The end of the line for ground BR's, are we there?

My friends, in recent days I have started having an interior monologue about something a that a few community contributes and streamers have mentioned in their videos. that there isn't much left in store for Ground Battles for higher BR's. In several trees we are already at the most modern tanks and AFV's widely in service, and in many of those cases there are no immediate plans to upgrade or replace. meaning we are running out of the few modern vehicles left to put in the existing trees of the game.


Japanese: the Type 10, Type 89 & Type 16.
Sweden/Finland: The Strv 122B, CV90120, Leo 2A6, ItO 90M, Strf 9040. (there is an old [1990's?] Swedish design Strv 2000 with a 140mm that might be an option)
Israel: The Merkava 4M. The only thing i think i could add to this tree is the "Namer IFV"
France: 3 different Leclerc's at the same BR.
Italy: Centauro 120, Ariete AMV, OTOMATIC, Dardo,VCC-80/30
Britain: The Challenger 2 family, ADATS, onlything i can think to add is the AJAX, but its still in trials. Maybe the Challenger 3, but who knows how far away that is.
China: no comment, i dont follow the chinese to closely,

Although there are some exceptions, that's it for those trees. The only ones that might add vehicles that would significantly jump the BR is the USA, Germany and the Soviet/Russian trees are the only ones with enough vehicles that haven't been put into the game yet, that could increase the BR levels. Another option is adding new trees/sub trees. ( i support a South Korean short tree like the Israel tree. and a Ukrainian sub tree into the Soviet Line). However, thats still a very small number of tanks and IFV's that could increase the BR's. However to make the top Tier BR's more fun there are a few prototypes that have been mentioned in past posts in the forum, but suince then years have passed and i think they are now valid options for vehicles to be added to switch up gameplay in some trees, and add some balance against the Russian tree.

        MBT's: We can probably add some form of the M1A2 Sep v.2/3/4. The Abrams X. M1 TTB (prototype Abrams with unmanned small turret carousel autoloader), M1 CATTB (BIG Prototype with new turret, 140mm & cassette Autoloader),
        LT : the MPF project new airborne light tank like the CCVL , and the OMFV Bradley replacement with a 50mm Chaingun
        SPG's:The M109 Paladin SPG family.
        AA:  only thing i can think to add is a design called the M1-AGDS. think M247 with ADATS on Abrams chassis
        MBT's: At this point they can add the Leo 2A7, the KF51 Panther prototype. nothing else down the pipe. i heard of a Leo 2 prototype with a 140mm but no idea if it would work.
        LT : The Boxer family of IFV's. An 8 wheel apc with a couple different configurations. There is an Australian variant 30-mm AA variant (PUMA turret), and the Lithuanians have a 30mm cannon and Spike missiles (no idea who makes that turret).
        SPG: Pzh. 2000
Soviet/Russia: this one gives me a headache, to many op prototypes
        MBT's: The T-90M is the only MBT they have yet to put in game that is being mass produced, then We have the T-14 Armata, which no has any idea if it actually being produced. The only prototypes for this tree i would suggest is the Obj. 640 Black Eagle (heavily modified T-80 with longer hull, cassette auto loader). And the Obj. 195/ T-95. was a prototype tech demonstrator, precusor to the Armata family, had 152mm and crewless turret)
        LT : BMPT Terminator, T-15 (has option for 30mm & kornet missile or 57mm & Ataka Missiles)
        SPG: ToS-1 ( thermobaric rocket launcher on T-72 chassis), 2S19 Msta (152mm Howitzer on a T-80 chassis)

I think that is it for future BR potential in this game. I think that within a year or two there will be no new modern ground vehicles in Warthunder.

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These are vehicles I can think of off the top of my head, there could be more


Japan: as fare as I'm aware all they have left are stuff like the chu mpm, and the literally less than a year old "Common Tactical wheeled vehicle" (tho I think all it has is a bushmaster)


Sweden: the strv 122b+ evolution is the best mbt they have right now (Its an uparmoured 122b)


Isreal: they have a few other ifvs and an interesting atgm carrier in the form of the "Pereh"


France: they fitted a lec lerc with a 140mm, the embt could also work


Italy: the other 2 ariete amv prototypes, the centauro 2, and the draco spaag(tho it wasn't finished irl)


Britain: challenger 3 of course comes to mind, the land captor aa system (not sure if it has radar tho) vedi ii could be another top tier aa


China: they fitted a ztz99 with a 140mm (I know nothing else about it)


Usa: there are tons but the one I wanted to mention was the m1 thumper (another 140mm test bead) they also could get the aai rdf/lt (similar to the hstvl) and m8 ags with a 120mm


Germany: I believe you named basically everything 


Ussr/Russia: the other predecessors to the Armata would be neat to see, Object 490a and 477.

Another interesting addition could be the object 490 (not sure if it was ever built though)


That's what I can think of for now, I'm sure more exist though.

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