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Why are people who troll squadron recruiting notices not dealt with in game when reported?

I am the recruiting officer for my squadron. This is our second squadron our first squadron filled up several weeks ago. We never really had a problem with trolls when recruiting for our first squadron with maybe a random trollish comment about once a month. Over the past couple of weeks I've dealt with trolls popping into our squadron recruiting notices on pretty much a daily basis. Some of these people were officers in other squadrons, some not even in squadrons. I even dealt with one who tried to hijack our squadrons recruiting notice and turn it into a recruiting notice for his own squadron. I've dealt with people posting negative comments in our recruiting notices simply to troll even people posting racial slurs into the recruiting notices. I have reported these incidents in game as they occur and requested that such comments be removed from the recruiting notices. If I attempt to take the recruiting notice down and repost it, the new notice generally gets flagged as a spam double post and taken down, so in essence we are not being allowed to deal with these issues on our own and not getting help from moderators on the matter. I've not received any help from moderators in dealing with these issues. My questions are these... Why are people allowed to troll other squadrons recruiting notices, and why are such people not dealt with severely as they are obviously attempting to disrupt another squadrons recruiting efforts? Why aren't the moderators making an effort to stop this sort of thing and remove the comments posted by trolls when they are reported? One solution would be to allow us to edit our recruiting notices so long as the person doing the editing is the original poster of the notice. I bring this up because it has been something I deal with daily and something needs to be done to stop the trolling in recruiting notices.

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In-game moderation is only dealt with by Game Masters, and we cannot help you on the public forums. The proper way to report in-game offenses is as you've been doing. If you have questions or concerns, please do contact a Game Master via PM:


Game Masters:
(Contact them via PM if you have problem with: Chat Ban / Chat Moderation / Game Ban (excluding Bans due to Use of Forbidden Modifications / Hacking and Account Security Issues, or Teamkills). Note also the languages the GM's can be contacted in.)



Senior Game Masters:
(Contact them ONLY if those above cannot resolve your issue or if you have problem with any of them)


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