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Changes to Hunter aircraft BR




The Hunter F.58 was planned as an attack aircraft for the German tree which at the time had a shortage of attack aircraft at the popular BR of 9.3/9.7 especially in combined battles. So when implementing it into the game, we compared it with other strike aircraft at this BR range. The lowering of its BR from 9.7 to 9.3 on release day was made due to the fix of the technical error as we had intended its BR to be 9.3 in all modes. However after analyzing its efficiency in a significant number of battles and the feedback we received from players we decided to change its BR as well as to revise the BR of other Hunter series aircraft according to their current efficiency and battle capabilities.


Therefore we will make an exceptional change to BR which will only affect Hunter aircraft: it will happen with the release with one of the next updates. In RB, the BR of the Hunter F.58 will be changed to 9.7, the BR of the Hunter F.6 will be changed to 9.7 and the Swedish variant, the J34 will get a BR of 9.0. Hunter F.1 will stay at its BR of 9.0 as lowering the BR for this aircraft will lead to the fact that the aircraft will meet weaker opponents in battles. Hunter FGA.9 will remain unchanged at the BR of 9.3 due to its flying characteristics and weaponry.


As for adding new variants of the aircraft to the British branch, we are studying this matter further and do not rule out the possibility that one of the variants of this aircraft may appear in the future, as a squadron, premium or other types of vehicle addition.


A visual table of changes in the BR of Hunter aircraft in RB:

  • Hunter F.58 9.3 -> 9.7
  • Hunter FGA.9 unchanged
  • Hunter F.1 unchanged
  • Hunter F.6 10.0 - 9.7
  • J34 RB 9.3 -> 9.0


Discuss it here!

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