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Update ( - PlayStation)

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Armoured vehicles

  • A bug has been fixed where an AI aircraft in tank test drive crashed after respawn.
  • T-64A(1971) — a missing description of the mid layer of the composite armour for the hull has been restored.
  • Pantsir-S1 — erroneous recon ability has been disabled.
  • Challenger 2E — hard-kill APS testing area has been removed from the test drive.
  • M53/59 — a bug has been fixed where crew members inside the hull might be affected by napalm damage.
  • Type 61 — impact smoke grenades have been changed to those which is spread by explosive action in the air (report)
  • Type 61 — a bug has been fixed where all available smoke grenades were discharged at once.
  • Char FCM 2C bis — a bug has been fixed that prevented rear machine-gun from firing to the sides.


  • AH-6M — a bug has been fixed where the “Airframe” modification might affect max speed by 0.7 km/h in RB.
  • Lynx AH.Mk.1 — a bug has been fixed where the stock helicopter’s max speed might increase in AB by installing the 2xITOW or 2xTOW-2 weapon setups.
  • F-80 — a bug has been fixed that prevented armament setups which include 4x1,000 lb bombs. Missed info of the 1,000 lb bomb has been restored to the cursor hover menu.
  • Ka-29 - a bug has been fixed that prevented HIRSS, countermeasures, and IRCM display while the 2A42 cannon was installed. The 30mm 2A42 cannon has been added to the offensive armament menu. The crosshair has been added for the 2A42 cannon.
  • AH-6M - an ammo capacity for the machine-gun pods has been increased: to 6,000 rounds for the M134, and to 1,200 rounds for GAU-19 machine-guns.
  • Tornado F.3 - Skyflash missiles have been changed to the Skyflash (DF).
  • UH-1D - icons for the missiles have been fixed.
  • Tornado F.3 - a bug has been fixed that prevented the AIM-9L missiles with the BOL flare/chaff pod (when the countermeasures researched and missiles modification is not).
  • P-47D-30 (Italy) - HVAR rockets have been added.
  • F-4J and F-4S - Mk.77 incendiary bombs have been added.
  • Bf 109 G-10, Bf 109 G-14 - a bug has been fixed part of the wing disappeared when installing the 20mm MG151 gunpods (report).


  • A few changes to damage control tips:
    • Tips to activate extinguisher, vessel repairs, or water pumps now disappear smoothly in a few seconds and immediately after the required button was pressed.
    • If damage control actions are set in the auto mode (long hold of the [6], [7] or [8] buttons), the corresponding tips are not displayed.


  • A bug has been fixed where pressing the minimap button in the multifunctional menu or radio reports many times caused the opening of the gaming chat.
  • Custom interface colour setup now corresponds to the helicopter HUD interface and indicator.
  • A bug has been fixed with incorrect position of the gaming chat in the helicopter HUD.
  • A bug has been fixed where the battle chat was dubbed in the spectator’s view.
  • A bug with missing description in the secondary armaments tooltip has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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  • Stona changed the title to Update ( - PlayStation)

Thank you for the changes you made to naval. If i could suggest one more thing?  That green aiming circle that you have can we get a way to disable that?  So that we can not have it get sent to 15km away because something behind the ship your aiming at distracted it and it suddenly changes the range from 5km to 15km?  Also you have ground units in the game within range of ships guns.  Right now because of the lil green aiming thing you cant really target them. But if we didnt have that we could guesstimate the angle we need and adjust the range by using the plus/minus controls you already have implemented.  Just a simple on/off for that aiming thing is what i suggest.  


thank you again for the changes to naval , we are seeing a lot more players now and the que times are getting shorter.  We still have a Bot issue but hey its still a improvement over the way it was a month ago. 

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Aircraft cannons still deal no HE and Fragmentation damage. All reports are stopped citing that damage is random despite undeniable proof that it is not random in any way shape or form. WiIll sth finally be done about that or are planes like the Yak 15 now simply meant to be utterly useless?

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Can you please either remove that stupid "click" sound that is played whenever you click something in the hangar/menus or at least give us the option to disable it? I hate those needless annoying "click sounds", they are irritating like hell and do not contribute anything useful.

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