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How do I find a or get a Map with carriers that I fear have been removed (


Yes, this is the same post I Just rly need to know.

Hello, I'm Claw47 In the past I have been making carrier landing videos as I find it really fun and a good challenge. In the videos I was using a certain Japanese carrier for the landings since the one I've been using is narrower than others, just to up the ante. Then one day I noticed I could not get a match with them anymore. (Pictures of specific carrier below) This was on the Saipan map which I used to use.

If anyone knows how I could get a carrier landing map with these carriers specifically that would mean the world to me its one of the few things that lets me forget about problems and I really miss making videos.

Thank you.

-My first carrier landing vid- War Thunder - YouTube - Google Chrome 3_9_2023 7_15_15 PM.png

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