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Why is Ground SB so broken?

There has been hardly any development for Ground SB in years. Map layouts are unsuitable for top tier and airfields lack SAM and are too close to battlefield.

Vehicle lists are even worse. Everything with missiles from AIM-9B to AIM-9L can ONLY be played on a single day and have to face each other. 

How do you expect the players to play things like F9F-8 (With AIM-9B) to play against MiG-29 etc?
A 8.3 plane against a 12.0 one .. And you wonder why this mode has very little players? The mode has to be playable, for it to be able to have players. (And this is just one example. Everything with any kind of air to air missile is forced to play together).

Not to mention that you have to wait like 4 days to be able to play a specific tier (e.g. top tier) at all.

You have to divide the GFSB events into 3 concurrent events (instead of the current 2). 
Also improve the maps and pull the airfield further away from the tank battlefield and add SAMs to them.

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