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A Roundabout Problem with RP

I anticipated Sky Guardians with wide open arms and was immensely excited to have a tree developed enough to start researching the latest and greatest plane right off the bat!

But my enthusiasm quickly started to fade when I realized my progression felt... stunted.

This is a match from BEFORE Sky Guardians:


and this is a match AFTER Sky Guardians:


Vehicle research has been nuked by a tenfold factor. I received less Vehicle RP from a perfect, high-level Ace+ match than I did from that earlier, far less impressive pre-SG match. So where I would've already had the new plane by the previous (reasonable) reward scheme, I am instead not even halfway done.
Can you please confirm that you've artificially, massively increased the grind again?
and explain WHY you would do this, when even someone like me - somebody who's paying for Premium and Premium planes - has to play this game like a second job now if I want to make *any* meaningful progress at all?

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If you look at the bottom of your SU-25K's stat card, you can see this:  image.png


Because the Yak-141 falls outside of this maximum research efficiency, being a rank VIII, not all of the RP you earned will go into it, whereas the Yak-15P you were reseaching before did fall in and had 100% efficiency. Therefore you are losing about 60% of your RP gain by using the SU-25K to research the Yak-141.


You can see this chart for details of how much efficiency you are losing: 



As you can see, the RP gain has not changed this update as you suggested, and this has always been a thing, you must have just not noticed it previously.


Read this article for more information: https://wiki.warthunder.com/Research_Points


You can also message me if you need anything else. 


Kind regards

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