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USN 14“/45 triple turret has incorrect hoist model

# Game version

My game version: (

# Description

USN 14“/45 triple turret has incorrect hoist model,in fact the middle gun shares the hoist with the other two,because there are only two shell hoists and powder hoists in the triple turret.

Also,the powder doesn't get to the gun platform directly,but to the lower platform(side powder handling room) and then elevated by crews to the gun,which is as same as New York class .There are 2 aux shell hoists (blue one in the picture),elevating shells to the first-stage ammostowage at two sides of the turret.

This is one of the reasons why they shoot slowly.As in game they gain 50s a round, what they were in history should be restored. 

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Select USS Nevada or USS Arizona

  2. Press X-ray and examine her ammo elevator

# Affected vehicles

  • USS Nevada

  • USS Arizona

# Files

You must attach these files:1985111321_shot2023_03_0921_29_55.jpg.c0


Sources should comply with the requirements.

  1. Source 1

    1. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/559593

    2. https://catalog.archives.gov/search-within/559593?availableOnline=true

    3. f7dbb5a9d61153578ae637a7a7fcc0c63164363.Attach an image of the cover1837627877_05(396).jpg.9f79a5ae0818bc5ae

    4. 1479907770_06(258).jpg.7562c5beae6566ddf



宾夕法尼亚05 (203).jpg

宾夕法尼亚06 (256).jpg

宾夕法尼亚05 (201).jpg

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  • Technical Moderator

Dear @Renamed66138

Thank you for your interest and help improving the game. Your information has been forwarded to developers for their consideration. 


If there's anything further regarding the report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


Kind regards



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