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Warthunder CDK missions "All Servers Busy"

Good morning everyone,

I have learned how to use the CDK to make some basic scenarios for my squadron and I to play together, however i noticed about 50% of the time when i want to start a map that was created in the CDK, i get "all servers busy" When this starts happening, its any CDK map, even ones ive run multiple times that i know don't have any coding errors.

All of the custom missions provided by the game will still run without flaw, i have never gotten a "All servers busy" error while launching them.

This means that any truely "custom" mission is likely being hosted on a different array of multiplayer servers that do not have the same capacity.

Is their any word on when this issue may be addressed? Fully custom operations and scenarios feel like the next evolution in warthunder (What else are we gonna do after unlocking a whole tree? die to CAS in top tier some more?). On top of this Gaijin has brought more community attention to the CDK during the last patch or two, so I really hope they are deducated to supporting it with the proper infrastructure.

I spent hours making a custom convoy mission and still have not been able to do a full scale test of it because of this, when i tried to host my event, we got about 16 people in the lobby, i go to start, and "all servers busy". i then flipped over to one of the 8v8 air duel maps that comes with the game, and it worked.. just because it was a stock map.


Please advise if possible, this is really frustrating, and its discouraging me from making future content


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Hi! I also create missions with the CDK.
In general, above 150,000 players, all the servers are saturated, it's not even worth testing the missions by URL.
What is strange is that I too cannot launch my games edited by the CDK, on the other hand those already created by Gaijin launch without problem.
I think that there are very few servers for edited and launched missions "by URL", and that after 8 pages of custom battles, all the servers "by URL" are already taken.
I don't know if Gaijin plans to increase the number of servers for "by URL" games.
I haven't been able to launch one for a month, it's extremely frustrating.

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