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[CREG] Core Gaming - Always Recruiting





Who is [CORE] Gaming?

We are a US (english) based guild. Our guild encompasses several games.

This is a relaxed, friendly guild 18+. We make inappropriate jokes, share our clips, ask questions, and team up. Everyone is welcome!


What are the requirements?

• Read this post to the end.

• Be an active member of the squadron.


• Be 18+ and somewhat mature.


General Rules:

• Be active in squadron.

• Be helpful to others.

• No toxic/politics/religion etc.


• Follow in-game ToS.



How do I join?

You must join the discord to be accepted into the squadron, you can join HERE

Please make your nickname on discord the same as your in-game name!

Jump in voice anytime, our "Join To Create" channel creates a voice channel for you or the team you are playing with. The creator will have permissions to rename and manage their voice channel.


If you've made it this far, you meet the requirements, and are welcome here!

Join the discord and @bburd(Slasaa) saying you want to join the squadron.



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