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event vehicle, why not ?


On 03/03/2023 at 13:25, mIKI said:

BRAMS is Slovakian SPAAG 

( Russia 10.0 BR event ? )



Self-propelled anti-aircraft kit

BRAMS is a modern highly mobile anti-aircraft set designed to destroy low-flying manned and unmanned aerial targets. The armament of the set, located in an armored tower, consists of a 2A38M twin anti-aircraft cannon of 30 mm caliber, a coupled machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber, four surface-to-air guided missiles with infrared self-guidance and smoke grenade launchers (2x4). The automated fire control system, in cooperation with superior command and control systems, makes it possible to search for, automatically track and destroy targets day and night, under normal and difficult weather conditions. A modern stabilized optoelectronic sight includes a day and thermal imaging camera and a laser range finder. The weapon system is placed on a Tatra 815 unified wheeled chassis with 8x8 drive. Multi-layer armor protects the crew's cabin against shrapnel and classic infantry weapons bullets up to 12.7 mm caliber.

Technical data of the vehicle

Country of origin: Slovakia
Combat weight: 27,100 kg
Length: 9.89 m
Width: 2.95 m
Height: 3.3 m
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Driving range: 700 km
Measurement of the tower: 360°
Aiming guns: -5 to +85°
Aiming of guided missiles: 0 to +70°


Cannon 2A38M
Rate of fire: 2250 (rounds/min)
Effective range: 3 km
Stock of ammunition: 600 pcs

Coupled machine gun PKT
1 x 7.62 mm

Guided missiles 9M313
Number of pieces: 4
Rocket body diameter: 72 mm
Maximum target speed on arrival: 360 m/s (1,296 km/h)
Maximum destination speed on departure: 320 (1,152 km/h)
Range on arrival: 4.5 km
Range on departure: 5 km
Maximum destination flight height: 3,000 m
Total weight of the rocket: 10.8 kg

brams_1.jpg.06478a596d14eeb1949ba2326840 bramssk_04_08_big.jpg.177e8a55c25eb8df4f BRAMS_celo.jpg.12886ff0c96271bd2cf94d48b

Yeah why not.

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