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There is bug about AI's precision

Helle everyone~ This is Dmitry, I play Helicopter PVE a lot and I think here is a bug many of us have noticed.

In map Rocky Canyon for Heli PVE, The AI convoy 's mainbattle tanks and M113 have bugs of precision.

AI is easily using machine guns to shot player's helicopter. especially shooting in pilot and engine.

The precision is even higher then the AA guns. The ealy gunships like AH-1G which can't load ATGMs really can't play the map.

Even higher level gunships like Mi-24s, Ka-52, AH-1S or AH-1Z are also unable to defense themselves when attack AI convoy with rockes.

I think that is a bug which gave AI MBT and M113 wrong data of precision. Hope it can be fix soon. ٩(ˊvˋ*)و


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