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why is the horrible damage cam back


i do not think there was any support last time it was used from the players

a lot said they hated it

it was changed to almost bearable

now it is back to the horrible original


it has no good points

it has so many bad points

it may look ok if your machine is plugged directly to the server but when transmission delays are added it is just horrible and negatively effects your ability to know what is going on a lot

the gui for where your rounds are going is so far out it is useless so the mini screen is the only thing you have to give feedback on if you are hitting the target and where

the functionality is not so noticeable for blue water play because of the slow rounds per minute and time of flight to target

but for boats it completely ruins the game .. for me it takes it from an 7/10 to a 4 /10 .. anything less than 5 means i dont enjoy playing it

the lag of playing over the internet and not being plugged direct to the server means you are still showing boats you are no longer aiming at or have been sunk while you are engaging another but getting no feedback on at all


the original system was far superior for game play than any iteration of this change


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