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Think you can explain?

How a tank...BR 4.0, can be hit, have all crew listed as dead with gun barrel damaged (split) yet still continue firing and moving without issues? Track being destroyed lasts ni more then 5 seconds no matter how many you shoot off.

Or how literally some people have 99% ish 1 hit kills at any range or angle or if it doesnt blow a 100% chance to kill driver if out of range or hidden or gunner so yiu cant shoot back.


Reason? Well literally 100% of engagements i have been in last 2 weeks have been damn close to 100% gunner killed, barrel destroyed or driver killed/track damaged. More or less i get maybe 1 or 2 shots EVERY engagement, even from rear before they swing around and kill gunner or one shot kill.

Also how can some know to turn a stug 180 degrees around to hit a target when not visible on radar nor seen at over 1 km? Not once....not twice but 5x no matter angle coming from?




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As far as I know...


Crew member has to to be Red. If there is an outline then they are wounded / unconscious.


On a good graphics card sometimes the crew member is Orange Red, which means he is not dead.


If you use the correct ammo and have a powerful gun you can kill at range. One cab one shot with this if one shoots tank in correct position.


Please look at X Ray on tanks.


gunner killed, barrel destroyed or driver killed/track damaged.  Why is that happening? Because players know the tanks and shoot for those crew members and weak points


If an enemy team member spots you and you disappear off radar because you moved. That does not mean the enemy saw where you were at and knew you were going to flank him from the rear so, they turned around and waited for you.

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You can turn faster by using track breaks rather than the default steering. It also allows a short stop by pressing both track breaks at the same time. since more traction is kept on the ground, is makes turn shooting stable since the tank wont be going up in the air or digging into the ground. players who are aggresive and pushes the front, having to do 180s or mid turns to shoot at something is a common scenario, so its something that has to be executed a lot. its okay to show side profile if the target is expected to die in one shot and is loading. since more often than not, no one covers your rear if you go in deep and fast. He probably keeps his barrel pointed forward as much as possible. Include that with a short stop and you get very consistent 180o shots. Their also other tricks like shifting the weight of the tank before, in the opposite direction to make a pivot super fast, and counter steering for when you want to drift off course, to keep the armor angled relative to the barrel staring it down.


Depending on how fast pivot is wanted, letting go of gas can help to drop a gear and reapply the gas in automatic. if it did happened five times and his targets were in cover, and frontal profile with any decently armor tank. you might be playing against some of the top player in the game. as shooting anything behind the tank in split moments is reactionary. so it takes a lot of practice to get single shot kills consistently. But its fairly easy to get accurate shots off quickly with a little practice. hence any side profile is like candy.  depending on the player, they might be shoulder checking frequently, or using another button to view the rear. 


I use the left mouse button to look 180 degrees behind me the moment I click it. to run away from things,

Shoulder checking with mouse look activation(in common controls) when I am doing small turns just to know if I should do a complete 180 if their is someone behind. I consider it good practice since it jumps the survival rate on random ambushes when over extended. From late spawners, and flanker who take the long route, the the tanker who's just too scared to go out, until the dust is practically settled. 


Shoulder checks also helps with audio triangulation. since it provides two points of reference and a third when resetting the camera. factor in lines of sight of nearby friendlies and stronger player can make assumptions about possible locations that are not cleared or safe. 


The real agility of a tank is barred out from the general playerbase atleast until they put enough points in the the driving skills as it reduces the time for changing gears. Include qualification of the tank crew. literally cant climb some hills without enough points into it, unless your playing in manual. 

some drift are not possible, and certain turning manuvers are outright barrred untill this crew skill is up.


Weapons can be fired even in broken states. They suffer reduce shell velocity and have less penetration as a result, and terrible ballistics, meaning inaccurate. their are two separate states. BROKEN as in broken, and Broken but "usable". if it is broken broken, youll know since standing still will automaicly put you into quick repairs. you can move a little bit without cancelling it. their is no timer for it either.  As this can only be done in AB, RB requires a full complete repair. Re-damaging component does not restart or increase the repair time unless your shooting the engine, and fires by priority must be extinguished first. A 5 crew Sherman with aced crew can repair their barrels in 6 seconds. Roughly the same for each track. the loss of a crew member will increase the repair time. but not by much until your down to 3 or 2, going up to 16 to 42 second repairs. 


The current player base loves shooting turrets. so as long as your practice taking hits to the turret. you can get away with a whole lot. Every time your disabled or on two crew. Get aggressive even if you cant shoot back and attempts to see how many shells you can absorb or bounce. doing it intentionally without switching mentally to shoot back makes a world of a difference in how much abuse you could take. 



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