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Calling out to all Kiwis & Ausies, The [NZAUS] New Zealand 2 Australian forces are recruiting! all English speaking, US & SA server players are welcome.


Hello, let me introduce our growing squadron the [NZAUS] New Zealand 2 Australian Forces and we're looking for you to join us! Here is some information about us.

We are mainly a bunch of New Zealanders and some Australians that have been playing together for a while off and on as recently just had bit of changing in mind on how we’re running it as a few of us are reasonable competent players with a few Aces among us.

we’re mainly chilled back but can get competitive at times pending our mood that we’re in, we had formed this Squadron to be a bit chill but also an active one as it is open to those who enjoy a good number of games until late in the night or just play for a couple hours or less.


The current rules we’ve set to join the Squadron are.

1) Have fun. Be welcoming to new members, socialise with other existing members and message to see if anyone is keen to squad up or not, custom games are also welcome for practicing in or just having some fun among other players so come and join the Discord and become one of our members for our growing team. We understand War Thunder isn't always the most enjoyable experience with how frustrating it can get but we've found that playing in a squad and a in voice chat can make even a rough game a more tolerable experience. 

2) 18+ years of age and older for some of us are quite mature, must speak English. We play on the US and SA servers just so the lag isn’t so bad as if you don't play on either of these then this might not be the Squadron for you. Very rarely play on the EU server to get matches if we struggle to find a match or to skip the long queue times.

3) Do try to be active in-game so our squadron the most XP possible, players who have not been partaking will be removed who have no squadron XP 2 weeks. If you are going away or taking a break from the game, we'd appreciate some notice and we can keep you around in the squadron, but we do want everyone that puts the effort in to get the most XP possible to get the squadron vehicles they desire. Non-Discord users (Privates in-game) that have earned the least amount of XP will be removed first. Until we have a full squadron of Discord users, are a casual squadron but still want to reap the full rewards of using the squadron mechanic. Obviously, we will be more relaxed around weekdays and public holidays if people aren't playing considering its work days and everyone needs to rest in their own way.

4) Earning your rank to become a Sergeant in-game and in the Discord, you must be either Australian or a New-Zealander and are active in voice communications.  Join the newly created Discord directly at https://discord.gg/xssYd4ZbFB. Put a request in the server for the the Officers or higher to have a look at your commitment to have your rank increased from Private to Sargent.

5) Lastly, there is a requirement in-game to have at-least Rank III Ground or Rank III Air in at-least one country.  We also would expect you to be an RB player not an AB player.  This gives us a group of reasonably experienced players but hasn't set the bar too high. 500 Realistic games required to joint, just as a site note, AB’s are welcome to be played as we’re not going to force you to play RB all the time especially if you’re just looking to have a quick game or two.

Our Discord is setup and ready for you to jump into voice chat right away. We have channels to drop a request for squad-mates as if this sounds like a squadron you'd like to join then send your application through on War thunder and then Discord after you've sent your application to join the Squadron. Here’s hope to get those squadron vehicles quick and to make some new friends!

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