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How to counter SPAA from low-high altitude with ATGMs (Proven with Ka-50 and Ka-52 but can be tried with other helicopters that have ATGMs with proximity detonators) in GRB

I feel like I have to make this tutorial because I see too many russian helicopters not using this technique. Also I am going to include the word "missile" a lot so buckle up.


Top tier SPAA attack with missiles primarily. They are your main threat. These can be hard killed by air to ground missiles. Simply fire and aim your missile in the direction of the SPAA that shot its missile(s) and triggered your MAW (Missile Approach Warning system). The missile you shot will destroy itself and the enemy missile on its way unless the SPAA player is shooting his missile(s) in an oblique/indirect manner (this case is a rare one, and I recommend predicting their path to at least try to survive).

I also recommend shooting a few missiles at the SPAA because usually enemy SPAA launches many missiles at you. Do not shoot all your ATGMs at once, release them periodically, once every 1-5 seconds because of the blast radius.


Note: This method consumes lots of your munitions, it is not economical. But it saves you, and after performing it you can go back to the airfield and rearm.

Edit: Do not hover. Move around a bit to avoid gunfire if that is not obvious.

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54 minutes ago, [email protected] said:

And if you want to counter this kind of tactic, aim your missile slightly above the enemy helicopter and then onto him.

The SPAA missile is faster than the helicopter missile and takes him out before his missile reaches you.  



Like I said, in an oblique and indirect manner. Just read the post fully next time ;)

Also tilt the helicopter up.

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