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Mirage F1 Cryano IV radar missing bearing control


# Game version

My game version: (

# Description

Mirage F1 Cryano IV radar missing bearing control, it is not possible to control the bearing when in 60 degree scan mode

# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. test flight Mirage F1

  2. switch radar to 60 degree mode

  3. try to move the lock cursor around

  4. observe that the 60 degree scan zone remain in the center when it should move with cursor because the radar has bearing control

# Affected vehicles

  • Mirage F1C, F1CT, F1C-200


Observe that when i move the cursor, the 60 degree scan zone is still in the center, when in fact, the radar have bearing control and the scan zone would adjust itself to the red line I marked2091784988_Screenshot2023-01-24150723.jp

# Sources

Sources should comply with the requirements.

Source 1: List of Publications for Airborne Fire Control Radar Cryano IV Plus MTI Testbench And Specific tools





Page 33, 2-14, section 7.4728026908_Screenshot2023-01-24150847.jpg


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