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Replace the T-34-57 with the PT-76B for RB rank 3-4 tournaments

We need a vehicle that is somewhat more competitive for the USSR. It was good that the KV-85 was swapped with the IS-1, but there's still less reason to pick the Soviet line-up over other nations atm. They have no smokes (that thing is so important especially in 1v1s), their penetration is rather low with only angled performance and explosive filler going for them, their mobility and lower profile is their only redeeming features (their cupolas are still too big tho) and even their armor is not much you can talk about. On top of that, there's the T-34-57, which while in practice has a good gun and mobility is outclassed and has to face tanks 2 whole BRs above it. Its angled performance is worse compared to the 85 due to the small caliber shells it fires and even its turret armor can be completely disregarded (overlapping armors rarely will ever save anyone by this point), only thing it has going for it is its reload rate.


The PT-76B would be a better addition to the line-up. While its armor is so thin, it can even be penned by 50. cals or even HE shells when shot on the top armor (not the first vehicle to have that, for example, the AUBL/74 and M41A1 from certain angles), it can atleast cause overpenning at the very least. It has a two-plane stabilizer which would make it far better on the move (if the USA can have stabilizers, I don't see how this would break things, especially on a vehicle with so little armor). It has HEAT-FS that makes it far more competitive against Germany users, since they can just rely on armor all match otherwise. It has the same reload rate and almost the same mobility as the T-34-57. It also actually has ESS, allowing it to have some kind of smoke atleast, something that is very lacking right now from the current tournament line-up.


Please consider my suggestion, thank you!

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