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Do you think the simulated flight mode should be changed better

At present, the benefits of simulation mode are really unbearable. Only gift package vehicles can maintain some objective benefits. I know that the official low welfare is to prevent those who are lazy about games from making profits. However, the current situation of the game mechanism makes the players who really love the mode flinch and lose the fun of the game. I hope more players can put forward better suggestions and support, so that developers can see our desire

If developers don't want to spend too much time thinking about how to balance this model, they can turn this model into a non-profitable and cost-free model, so that players who really like simulation games can play without burden. Of course, this is the worst solution. If there is a better solution, it is better not to do so, but at least it is better than the current situation

If the current high-cost simulation flight is to avoid the profits of lazy players, in fact, the room system can change the matching configuration and eliminate most lazy players. After changing the game configuration, the revenue will be consistent with the proportion of time and income in the historical mode, so that players can fight better, but will not get nothing

It is suggested to increase the display distance for advanced aircraft to recognize the teammate in the combat room. The existing 0.9km friendly identification display mechanism is applicable to low-altitude aircraft, because they generally use artillery to fire, but advanced aircraft generally use short-range combat missiles, which greatly increases the attack distance, so the display distance of friendly identification should be increased accordingly

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