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Bug Reports


I've been sitting on a bug report for about three months, with absolutely no acknowledgement whatsoever. 

The bug report in question: https://community.gaijin.net/issues/p/warthunder/i/3BLpYoatfbbG

It has the required fields filled, I've been updating it as things change, I recorded a two minute video showcasing the bug, I have four different sources (two of which are direct references from the official wiki). 

Since submitting the above ticket, I've had two other submitted tickets in the same timeframe addressed, one of which was addressed within a day of submitting the ticket. 


So my question is, and I'm genuinely curious, how do you guys vett bug reports. 

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Hello, @SadisNic!


Reports are checked on a daily basis, if something is not forwarded/checked, there can be multiple reasons:

  • The report does not comply with the guidelines found here: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/635-knowledgebase/
  • The report is not clear and or is missing evidence (Especially for historical reports)
  • The report needs specific investigation/test and therefore it needs additional time
  • Multiple other reasons...

Currently, your report is missing critical data (clog and in-game screenshot), therefore it will require the Employees in the bug reporting platform to perform every other part of the report themselves which is time-consuming.


Please complete the report with the required information and poke me in a PM, I will check it out and forward it to the Developers in case it's confirmed to be a bug.



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