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Violation of Rules in the Tournament



In connection with rule violations in the Terms of Use, Game rules and Gaijin Tournament Rules, the accounts Star_of_the_East and x_Andrew_x, belonging to one single person that violates §3.4 Terms of Use for repeated use in tournament battles of accounts that are not registered by this individual (foreign accounts), they are permanently blocked in the Easy Anti-Cheat system by HWID and will not be able to take part in tournaments in the future as well as in other game modes except modes with markers and those in which EAC isn’t disabled.


In addition, the following accounts will receive a block in the game for 14 days as well as blocked access to the TSS services for 30 days for violation of the § 3.6 Terms of Use and § 4.2.5 Gaijin Tournament Rules: _Dobriy, _GoDik_, B_i_B_A_, _KinderJoY_, THINK_ABOUT_ME, _SexMachin_, _V1nny_.

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