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Up-tier is not always bad tier

So I have roughly 1000 hours in game, mainly playing USA Ground RB.

Thing that I have noticed is that many players give up hope the moment they see that they have been up-tiered and this should not be the case. It has probably been said before but from your max up-tier (example: 10.0 to 11.0) you CAN still do damage - with that - gain more RP and Lions on assists and kills.

Play for caps - always ensure that you have that spare RP to pull your next tank | Never rush first cap and not give your team a chance for some free RP at the start of the match. The more players that can respawn the higher chance you have of winning a match. Check what your team is doing, help them help you.

When you change to your next tier always ensure that you have more than one vehicle at tier. No point going into a battle with 1 high tier tanks and the rest in your line-up will not be able to follow-up.
Level your AA - High tier you will thank me when you face off against attack drones and helicopters that can lock-on and kill you from 8km away.

Lastly - protection analysis --- Image example shows a 10.7 VS a 11.0 as well as 10.0 VS 11.0, hit it wrong and you will bounce. That said, know where to hit and oh sweet glory does it feel nice seeing the opponent go boom.






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1 hour ago, DogeDN said:

this is not always the case, some tanks are almost impossible to play in a uptier (eg. jumbo 76, is4m). it gets super frustrating getting constant uptier's facing tanks that you cant do anything about

Some tanks, yes - but then also purpose of the tank, playstyle, etc.

Find that people can only play one tank, see this in my friend group as well. Maybe a slower playstyle will be more suited, or a flanking run. I learned this lesson the hard and expensive (so many lions to repairs) way. With that I learned my shell types and how + where to aim with them without having to wait for the rangefinder. All of a sudden games with no kills + no assists went to games with some kills and many assists.

Note - not saying every tank will do major damage at a up-tier, but every tank can do damage at an up-tier. Not all is lost and therefore keep hope and play your best :)


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9 hours ago, VT_88 said:

Also, rushing a Cap can be very good. Most of the time the team that captures the CAP first wins. Especially in Single capture point.

Depends on the game mode. When you have 3 caps and a single light vehicle rushes to cap before the push to the second or third point you have a bunch of medium and heavy tanks that missed out on the first cap. Meaning they have reduced base RP from the get go, meaning they will be knocked out of the game quicker. We all know the R3 cap rush meme..... (No offense, R3 players)


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