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Userskins and friends

So i have this idea for userskins, and i dont think it would take alot of work from gaijin to actually pull this off.
Everyone loves userskins, but we dont want them to be seen by everyone purely because of the animeskin spam etc, but i think most of us would have liked it if our friends who we play with could see them and vice versa.
My idea is simple.

Let friends queued together see eachothers userskins if they want it by enabling it in settings.
How would it work? There are 2 ways to go about it.
1. War thunder automatically uploads your friends userskins and sends them to your pc and then you can see their skins and vice versa.

2. You both have the same userskin file for the corresponding vehicles. Example is i download the userskin my friend uses on his F-4E and then as long as the name is the same in the files as what your friends skin is called it will be shown on his plane.

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Should really make this a suggestion 



From what I can see tho, it could easily be exploited... and may have other issues such as file transfer sizes and so on


But, if the suggestion is approved you will be able to discuss the idea with other players... 


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