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Looking for a casual ground arcade squad and grinding squad vehicles.

  • Type of squadron you're looking for:  Casual.  There are some days I will play for eight hours straight, some days for a few hours, and some days not playing at all. 
  • Modes you play  AB ground. 
  • Type of vehicles you like playing the most: Tanks. 
  • Preferred nations (USA, Germany, Russia, and Britain. I'm at least 7.0 or higher for each nation, with several premiums for each. 
  • Preferred game servers: USA.
  • Your age: 42
  • Preferred language: English 
  • Preferred controller type PS4 controller 
  • Timezone / available playing time: Eastern Standard Time.  Typically during the day or in the evenings.  Occasionally, late night. 
  • Preferred communiPlatform: I solely play on a PS4 and do not have a headset, keyboard, or mouse. I'm not a big techie, so some of this stuff like Teamspeak, discord, etc. I've never heard of. 


I'm mainly looking to grind squad vehicles and having some skilled players to play arcade with when available.  I'm a reasonably decent player, according to my stats on Thunder Skills.  I've been playing since 2017, and at level 100

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