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Compensation for DDoS attacks



Dear players!


Since the end of September, War Thunder’s servers have been targeted by continuous DDoS attacks. As a result, game services were sometimes temporarily unavailable.


It is impossible to be completely protected from attacks of this nature — all servers and projects are vulnerable to them. The only difference is the effectiveness in deterring them by expanding the channel bandwidth and we significantly increased it for War Thunder. It took us some time and significantly increase supporting cost, but it helps to make game more comfortable for our players even under attacks.


As we promised, all players who had an active Premium Account and logged into the game on the days when services were unavailable, will receive 3 days of Premium Account.


We’d also like to provide a special compensation for Premium Account holders


who tried to log into the game on November 6th from 14:00 to 18:00 GMT: they will receive an additional 1 day of Premium Account.


We also changed the dates of the final, 7th stage of the “Dreams Come True: Sturmtiger” event. It will begin on the 11th of November (instead of the 12th) and will last for three days. This will allow for two stages of the event to be completed simultaneously and will make it easier for players who couldn’t complete a stage on November 6th to receive their Sturmtiger.


If a premium account has expired since the time of the attacks, the bonus time will be issued and activated anyway. The compensation will be sent within 72 hours of this news publication.


Thank you for your understanding and support!


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