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Heli Base AA




Not sure where to put this as I'm not entirely sure what header it would be under. Was playing a game about an hour or so ago and saw a Z-9 literally hovering over a heli base. Base AA was self detonating a few meters in front of his heli to no damage. Was it made so that when the base damage was removed for jets (which was a poor choice in my opinion) was it removed for helis as well?


I know people complain about heli base AA already ruining plane attack runs and so forth its the same argument as the airfield AA. People only complain about it when its them that it impacts negatively, but never when it helps them. Bring back base AA damage, if you want to worry about the shots from 3.5 KM away you are probably already dead to a 2S38, SPAA, Puma, BMP/BMD or Begleit anyway.







_Catweazle_63 (Posted )

For now this has been moved to the Helicopter academy though not the best place for this since it's a Game Mode discussion/Issue. Let me know what game mode this is so it can be moved there
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