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Squadron vehicle recommendations?

I'm about to unlock my first squadron vehicle, the A-4. I'm looking for recommendations for the next one(s).


I main US, and just unlocked rank 5 planes. I'm rank 2 in tanks, but could buy already researched tanks to get to rank 3. I'm taking my time and spading stuff as I go. I haven't played naval in a bit, but I think I am rank 2 in both coastal and bluewater or close to it. I have most rank 1 planes for USSR, GB, Germany, and Sweden.


I play a little of everything, but most air sim, followed by other air modes, followed by ground RB, followed by occasional naval battles to mix it up.


None of the other planes really jump out to me, so I'm wondering if there are some that people really enjoy or any of the other vehicles that would be fun in a stand-alone lineup.


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