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Ratel ZT3-A2 missing crew member

# Game version

My game version: (

# Description


The Ratel ZT3-A2 is missing the loader from the crew compliment.


In the linked video below a member of 1 Special Service Battalion identifies crew compliment of the Ratel ZT3-A2 and points out the seating stations which includes the missing loaders possible seated position.


# Affected vehicles

  • Ratel ZT3-A2


# Files

  • Attached photo of Ratel ZT3-A2 information board identifying the crew compliment of the vehicle as 4.


# Sources

Sources should comply with the requirements.

  1. Source 1

    1. Interview with Ratel ZT3-A2 at African Aerospace and Defense 2022 - 21 September 



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  • Technical Moderator

This report has already been reported, but video has forward the to the developer.


Thanks for the report.

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