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Server Update 05.08.2022



  • For airborne radar antenna, manual tilt control is available by using the "Radar/IRST tilt control axis" control axis. If the radar antenna has pitch stabilisation it will keep elevation angle relative to the horizon regardless of ownership manoeuvres.

Antenna manual tilt control allows players to search targets above and below without manoeuvres such as climbing or diving.

To use antenna manual tilt control, the "Constant elevation of radar antenna" option must be disabled. Otherwise, the antenna behaviour will be the same as before - the centreline of the scan zone in elevation will have fixed position relative ownership nose.

  • Scan zone centreline in azimuth for radars of F-14A, JA37, Mirage 3E, MiG-23M/MF/MLD/MLA, F-4EJ KAI, AH-64D and Ka-52 is controlled by "Horizontal Radar/IRST target cue control axis" axis regardless of "Targets cyclic switching of ground radar" option.
  • For F-14A and JA37 radars in TWS mode, the scan zone centreline always tracks the selected target.
  • For F-14A and JA37 radars in TWS mode if "Targets cyclic switching of ground radar" option is disabled, the target selection cursor is stuck to the selected target as long as it is not moved away by "Horizontal Radar/IRST target cue control axis" or "Vertical Radar/IRST target cue control axis" axes.
  • For F-14A radar switching between two ACM modes: VSL and BST has been moved from "Change radar mode" to "Change radar search mode" command.
  • For F-14A radar in ACM modes (BST and VSL) and in tracking mode TRK it is possible to switch between pulse and pulse doppler modes. This doesn’t change search mode (SRC PD, TWS, SRC PDV, SRC) anymore.
  • Target appearance on radar range-finder indicator has been fixed.


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The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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