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In 1983, IAI began upgrading the Kfir C.2s to a new variant, the Kfir C.7 which carried a modified version of the General Electric J79-GE-17E powerplant, offering an additional thrust of 4.45 kN (1,000 lb st) in afterburning, and consequently, an improvement in the power-to-weight ratio. The Kfir C.7 featured a modernized HOTAS cockpit, two additional weapons pylons under the air intakes (to make a total of nine) this new C.7 variant incorporated almost completely new Israeli avionics, Among these avionics we find, the radar Elta EL/M-2021B Doppler, with up and down scan capability, maritime sweep mode and terrain follow and avoid mode. The Elbit S-8600 navigation system (built under license from Singer-Kearfott) was also assembled, which would later be replaced by the IAI/Elbit WDNS-141 navigation and weapons delivery system (model 341 would be installed in modernization systems). later), compatible with the HOTAS cockpit. Also included in the cockpit was a multifunction display and a laser for the use of guided weapons. The electronic warfare equipment consists of an Elta EL/L-8202 jamming container. The ejection seat was a zero-zero capable Martin-Baker IL10P.


The Python 3 is a short to medium-range third-generation air-to-air missile adapted to the F-15 (F-15I), F-16, all Mirage, F-5, F-4, (Kfir C-2 and C-7 ALREADY IN GAME).

The Python 3 was put into service early during the Israeli incursion into Lebanon (Peace for Galilee, 1982), with pre-production rounds being tested in actual air combat against Syrian aircraft. The conventional high-explosive rod-type warhead weighs 11 kg. It has a maximum range of about 15 kilometers and a top speed of Mach 3.5. The Python 3's infrared seeker has a yaw axis of plus or minus 30-40 degrees and can be operated in direct sight, defocus, or radar link mode,The Python3 is the counterpart to the well known AIM-9L.


Missile main features:
* All-aspect capability, including front intercept
* Effective against more evasive tactics
* Capable of intercepting low-signature, low-altitude threats
* 15 km maximum effective range at high altitude
* Active proximity fuze, biased navigation system based
* Highly efficient warhead
* Versatile target acquisition modes, including linked to an advanced radar system
* Reliability greater than 95%
* Complete ILS, including combat doctrine manual, training and ground support equipment
The missile enhances its carrier capability and provides air superiority in modern air combat scenarios such as:
*Radar guided intercepts
*Close combat involving maneuvers at high levels of g
*Low-altitude interceptions of helicopters and light aircraft
*Self-defense air combat during penetration missions.


As you may already know, there are many players in war thunder who are not happy with the technological branch of Israel due to the lack of the true equipment of some aircraft, as it happens in the Kfir C.2 and C.7 and even in the F4E PHANTOM already in the game which should also have the Python 3, searching and informing me and found totally true images and photos that show that this missile was in service with the kfir C.2 - C.7 and F4E phantom ll now the question is why these planes that are already in the game do not have python 3 when it competes with the well-known AIM-9L which is already in the game, the answer is I DON'T KNOW, We all assumed, believed and were hopeful that the arrival of Israel tech tree would bring weapons of Israeli national production to the game, in fact several if not thousands of users expected that after the major update "DANGER ZONE" modifications would arrive at the weapons level not only in Israel but in several aircraft It belongs to other nations, in order to achieve a competitive environment among the players and not as outdated as it is now, the only thing I know is that many users are waiting for that change that the game needs to happen once and for all.








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