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TOW series missiles incorrect explosive filler type

# Game version

My game version: (2.__.__.__)

# Description

Incorrect explosive filler is used in all TOW series missiles. Currently the Comp. B is used, however the Comp. B was not used in TOW series missiles in real life.

Following changes should be applied:

  • Basic TOW: Composition B to Octol.
  • I-TOW: Composition B to LX-14.
  • TOW-2/2A: Composition B to LX-14.
  • There will be a separate report about TOW-2B


# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. launch game

  2. see statcard of all TOW series missile

# Additional Information

Videos, links etc. Please do not use streamable.com.


Above table shows type and weight of explosive filler used in TOW missiles.

Additional sources







# Affected vehicles

  • M3 Bradley(Basic TOW)

  • M3A3 Bradley(TOW-2 and TOW-2B)

  • M901(I-TOW)

  • UH-1C(I-TOW)

  • UH-1C XM-30(I-TOW)

  • AH-1F(I-TOW and TOW-2)

  • Begleitpanzer 57(TOW and I-TOW)

  • Wiesel 1A2(TOW-2 and TOW-2A)

  • Lynx AH.Mk.1(I-TOW and TOW-2)

  • G-Lynx(TOW-2)

  • AH-1S early(I-TOW)

  • AH-1S Kisarazu(TOW-2)

  • AH-1S(I-TOW and TOW-2)

  • (CN)M113A1 TOW(TOW and I-TOW)

  • CM-25(I-TOW)

  • (IT)M113A1 TOW(TOW and I-TOW)

  • Dardo(TOW-2)

  • VCC-80/30(TOW-2 and TOW-2A)

  • MD500-TOW(I-TOW and TOW-2)

  • AH-1Q(I-TOW)

  • (IT)AH-1F(I-TOW and TOW-2)

# Files

You must attach these files:


502038244_shot2022_07_1422_53_11.jpg.dfd 1865815843_shot2022_07_1422_55_41.jpg.f9 2065796249_shot2022_07_1422_55_55.jpg.10 1009733807_shot2022_07_1422_55_57.jpg.20

# Sources

Sources should comply with the requirements.

  1. Source 1

    1. U.S. Marine Corps School Of Infantry SOI Complete Training Materials

    2. Spoiler



    3. Attach an image of the relevant excerpt and its page number

  2. Source 2

    1. ADA129504.pdf (dtic.mil)




    2. ADB043329.pdf (dtic.mil)




    3. ADA516735.pdf (dtic.mil)




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  • Technical Moderator

Thanks for the report, the report has been passed for the developer's consideration.

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