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Does Merkava mk.1B really exist?

5 hours ago, _____HK416_____ said:

I search it on the internet and I can only see the Merkava mk.1, not 1B.


In game mk.1b is mk.1 + thermal and 63hp more engine output.

There's more of an early vs late. Merkava 1 were more a prototype than a fully fleshed out MBT, and were rushed to service prior to the war in 1982.

What was left to add, plus lessons learned in that war, culminated in more refined Merkava 1 tanks in later batches.


Some of the things that were featured of the Mark 2, or were added to it later on, were also added to the Mark 1 tanks still in service, as the Mark 2 was the actual intended product of the Merkava program.


Regarding engine output, the Merkava 1 got used parts, while the Mark 2 got brand new parts. Same components, but different wear and tear. This could affect efficiency.

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