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More issues related to the upper front plate composite armor for ZTZ99A

Other than the modeling issue mentioned by Renyxnovitch (Many errors in the model of ZTZ99A), I found some extra issues related to the data on the thickness of upper front plate composite armor for ZTZ99A.


In the current armor layout, we can see a piece of RHA on each bottom side of the upper frontal plate, and if we rotate the camera into its vertical position we can see that the thickness of this piece of RHA is 170mm



the game also shows that the inner RHA plate of the composite armor (80mm RHA), which lies below the two 170mm RHA blocks:



Thus the total thickness of the upper frontal plate should be 170mm+80mm right?

However, if we look at the x-ray and the data provided there:


The composite armor in the upper front plate is 20mm+125mm+80mm, which is thinner than 170mm+80mm

According to the current armor layout presented in game, the composite armor should be 30mm RHA(as mentioned in Many errors in the model of ZTZ99A)+140mm NERA+80mm RHA.


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