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Fwd: Jun/17/2022 [] Challenger MK2/3 Turret armor dropped since "Danger Zone"

# Game version

My game version: (

# Description

Since the new update, the Challenger MK2/Mk3's turret armor has dropped further below the protection levels set out by the documentation and the developers than it was in previous updates. I believe the discrepancy is now big enough to warrant a change.

# Steps to reproduce the issue

Check the Turret armor against L23A1 at 54 degree angle of attack/30 degree heading angle and 59 degrees head on according to the dev's datasheet:


Should be 435mm within the frontal arc and 450mm front on


However, in game it is 416mm within 30 degrees and only achieves 435mm when head on, which is a massive reduction in protection compared to the dev's sheet and the documentation listed below.






# Sources

As of 01/04/2020 this change was made to Challenger's armor profile:

Challenger Mk.2, Challenger Mk.3 - The resistance of the hull and tower from HEAT shells has been clarified (increased). For the hull - 580 mm. For the tower - 700 mm. The resistance of the hull from kinetic shells up to 300 mm has been clarified (increased). The resistance of the tower from kinetic shells up to 435 mm has been clarified (increased). Source: Report of Comparison of Chieftain Replacement Options (U), RARDE Report 87018, October 1987.


Relevant page:



Other source is Gaijin's centralized datasheet for modern MBT protection levels which they derive according to the sources they find and specify how the protection levels should be tested, the procedure for which was followed: 




Hope this time the evidence is sufficient for a fix to be implemented.


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  • Technical Moderator

  Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.  Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.

 If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


  Thank you again for your support. 


Kind Regards, Object187

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