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Open the table sheet with changes

Naval repair costs rise

You have noticed an increase in the repair costs of almost all ships and boats, and we’d like to comment on that. We have also noticed this change while preparing the economy update and tried to understand its causes. It turned out that over the past half a year there were several spikes of the naval statistics indicators which indirectly affected the repair costs. These spikes stemmed directly from the damage model changes implemented in the recent game updates, as well as from the naval game modes changes. These effects were not intended, but the economy for obvious reasons depends on the damage model and other game mechanics. The Naval dev team has been informed about the situation and taken control of it. At the same time, the automatic calculation of naval economy has been adjusted to limit the repair cost rise by 10% maximum, instead of 20%. We kindly remind you that this restriction doesn’t apply to vessels released after the previous economy update in order to make their parameters more correct and relevant to the statistics as soon as possible.

Differences in parameters of the same or similar vehicles in economy by rank

The new economy model using the rank of vehicles equalizes a vehicle’s profitability and net profit by the unit of time for all vehicles of the same economic rank (internal service indicator of a vehicle, defined by its rank and position in the tech tree). In your comments, you pointed out identical vehicles with different repair costs and reward multipliers. Firstly, we have to note that the repair costs and reward multipliers are not the target economic indicators. They serve to set up a required profitability and net profit parameters for each vehicle and should not be compared directly. Secondly, many vehicles, especially naval and aircraft, have normalized repair costs, i.e. smoothed towards previous values and aimed to achieve target values over several economic updates. For example, the values of rank VII vehicles now have values that are close enough to the target ones. 

In our previous economic updates, some vehicles, especially high tier, were boosted to achieve target values faster. In some cases it is useful and able to highlight the rank-based economy. At the same time, it is also able to introduce quite radical changes, which we try to avoid. 

Upcoming changes to the tech trees

Alongside the previously announced changes to the tech trees, the following changes are also scheduled:

  • ZSU-23-4 and ZSU-37-2 一 switch places; 
  • ZSU-37-2 一 the battle rating in AB mode has been reduced from 8.3 to 8.0.
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