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Control Stiffness and/or Compression Issue

I'm not sure if this would belong in this subsection or the hardware section, feel free to move it.


I play arcade, and as with most people I started playing with a mouse and keyboard (WASD).


Several days ago I bought a HOTAS, a X52 pro to be exact.


When I set up the X52 Pro I used the setup wizard, mainly because I'm not versed enough to set it up on my own.


After the setup wizard I added a few some buttons for my style of play.


One thing I noticed immediately is either compression and/or control stiffness (I've seen people see they are distinctly different I just don't know which it is).


I didn't notice the level of it when using the mouse and keyboard that I experienced as soon as I plugged in my X52.


It was so bad and "exaggerated" from my experience with the mouse and keyboard that I thought my Stick was failing.


Eventually I repeated it enough to realize when it happens and the variables seem to be consistent.


It seems to happen in faster jets in the BR range I play, 9.0 - 9.7.


The two I noticed immediately are the F-86F-2 and F8U-2, the F-86 possibly being the worst of all.


Like I said I noticed immediately and after coming to a conclusion about the cause, I wondered if I was just overlooking it with the mouse and keyboard.


I switched back to the mouse and keyboard trying to replicate the compression/control stiffness using the same speed and angles and could not.


Same aircraft, same mode (AB) but vast differences, and I'm not talking about differences as a result of the controls.


Any opinions, ideas?


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