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looking for squad dutch/Eng AB/RB/SB Ground/air



Angels of Death - [AOD]

Hello Crippled_Belg! Have you ever wanted to be a part of a large, active, global gaming community? 

AOD is a large, international, multi-gaming community with 20+ years of gaming success under our belts and 1500+ dedicated members across the globe. We currently support 12 different games, click here to view them.


We are a well-established, well-organized gaming community and we greet all players with a warm welcome.


War thunder division of AOD:

- 300+ members in the war thunder division of AOD

- New to the game? We have many experienced players including level 100's who can help you out.

- We cover all aspects of the game; planes, tanks and ships

- Feeling competitive? We play squadron battles and have finished in the top 100 several times (not required to participate in).



- Age 16 or older

- Have a working microphone

- Level 8 or higher in-game

- Active with a good attitude

- Be on our TeamSpeak server while playing


 How to apply:

Step 1 - Visit our website www.clanAOD.net .

Step 2 - Click the apply button to make your profile (or click here) .

- Please make your profile name match your in-game name.

Step 3 - After you made your AOD profile; click the apply here and select war thunder to submit an application to the war thunder division of the AOD (or click here) .


Feel free to join our discord:


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Are you looking for a chill squadron to grind the game or play squadron battles with? Even learn to play the game with? Then the Thigh Appreciation Club is the place for you!

We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment where people can come together and learn to play the game, and perhaps even play with us in SRB.

We are an active squadron currently sitting at 79 members, and are always looking for more!

You are welcome to send the invite link to any of your friends as well!
▬▬▬▬▬  T A C C   ▬▬▬▬▬ 
Permanent invite : https://discord.gg/SMffhPydgR

[ I would also like to add that one of our officer's is located in the Netherlands, so should be a good connection ;) ]

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OKTO is made up players who are typically 30+ so you would fit right in, we have a solid core of people who squad up most nights.  Your more than welcome to join.


:good: How to Apply:

Apply in-game to the OKTO Squadron

Teamspeak: HONK.clandns.com 


Have Questions? Speak to Nimue in TS or reply below (NA Times)


:dntknw: Benefits of OKTO Membership

  • Quality Players in Realistic and Sim Battles to squad with
  • Quality Players in Realistic and Sim Battles to completely ignore and be anti-social with
  • Squadron Activity Points
  • [In the Works] Squadron Battles
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If you are a genuinely looking for a squadron - please consider WolfPack.
WolfPack is a casual gaming clan that is highly organized and structured.
Apply via the in game squadron and we will process it as soon as we are online next.

Our squadron tags are "WFPKN"
You need to be a minimum age of 18+ to join.

It does not matter which country you are gaming from.

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hello, if you consider joining casual squadron I have just the thing, freshly made squadron which is a part of two squadrons group, we have friendly players and we provide training sessions if needed.

You can apply to it via game the tag is GSUDA

Discord and mic is preferable.

If interested fill up application form (that's for keeping tabs on who is more into what in game) 



we also have a competitive squadron, so all in one basically


We are new player friendly.

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