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ECMs with air brakes do not work properly on aircraft MIG21 SPS, SMT, MF, SAU after installation of ECM should operate front brakes According to the information of the mechnik at the military base Sliač, where the mig21MF operated, these brakes worked, but could not be photographed due to strict laws. The front braking units could be used normally, the rear was automatically blocked when the load was suspended on the sub-hull pylon. It didn't matter if it was a sub-hulled auxiliary tank or a SPS-141 container. However, the peculiarity was that for sps suspension it was necessary to dismantle the pylon, twist the excenter of the rear grip by 90° and thus sow the pylon by 3° and re-install it

SAU = the air brakes are working on the SAU MIG-21 because the DEV server had a flare-up under the engine after the update, this issue was not resolved. added ECM in the update


plz fix gajin :(

ECM .jpg







mig21mf engineer.jpg

medal medal

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