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Canon breech broke but still can shoot

I was in the AB 1x1 tournament I shot the enemy turrent and his canon breech broke so i was going in but suddenly he started shooting somehow, here's the video of it 
There is 5 second that i was lagging so i can't see anything . Also ghost shell many times . Please don't ignore my message

bruh 1.jpg

bruh 2.jpg

bruh 3.jpg

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In ab you can shoot without breech after timer, its little bit rng because sometimes the shot still doesnt go out, for the ghost shells i will watch the replay :)


You can find the server replay (his perspective) here:




EDIT: After watching the replay i could not find any ghost shells

In arcade there is a timer, after that timer ends you can use the damaged module again, with black engine you can drive very slowly, with black breech you can shoot sometimes etc. the timer is about 15 secs i think


Also france is not a good nation for 1v1s, in arcade but also in rb, you cant bounce alot, you cant oneshot and the advantage in mobility of amx13 doesnt really matter on the 1v1 maps, also you can get arty killed very easly. Main nations for 1v1s and 2v2s are russia and germany.

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