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M197 Autocannon Overheating Time is Vastly Incorrect.

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# Description

The M197 Cannon for the AH-1F, AH-Z, AH-1S, AH-S Early, and the AH-1S Kisarazu overheats too quickly. They all share the same gun, and they overheat at the same rates.


For a spaded AH-1 (With the cannon upgrade), and without crew skills for weapon maintenance or an expert/ace qualification, it can fire less than 90 rounds (About a 7 second burst) on average before the jamming probability mechanic kicks in. Sometimes, this can lead to 200 rounds fired consecutively, and sometimes it can be cut off at less than 90 with the average being 120. Since the crew skill weapon maintenance doesn't say it affects gun jamming for the helicopters, it is safe to assume it doesn't matter for testing purposes, although, I did run some tests with an aced AH-1S Early with a maxed weapon maintenance stat with the new 20mm cannons modification.


I am unsure what exactly the rounds should be before the weapon can start jamming as I sadly don't have an M197 to play with. However, you can see in a video I will link that this Korean AH-1S is able to fire almost consecutively for 26 seconds without jamming. I went ahead and counted how many rounds were fired in that 26 seconds, and it was roughly 290 rounds fired in 26 seconds. One cannot say if it jammed, or how many more rounds it would have taken to jam it, so I went ahead and searched for some more evidence.


Here is an operator's manual for an AH-1S https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=p-TSyEtQQEIC&pg=GBS.RA2-SA4-PA4&hl=en

I have attached a screenshot I took of page 4-33 (or page 183-184 of the google ebook)




The M - 197 gun is restricted to a firing schedule not to exceed a 450 - round burst with a minimum of 6 minutes cooling time prior to firing the remaining 300 rounds .


This doesn't state why a burst shouldn't exceed 450 rounds. Since the next sentence talks about cooling time, it is safe to assume they are referring to overheating of the barrels and possibly the turret and recoil assembly.

The next sentence doesn't state whether the 300 rounds are a burst or not, but it is safe to assume it is referring to a 300 round burst.


This means that an AH-1S variants with the new 20mm cannon modification, and possibly the AH-1Z, AH-1F, and A129CBT since they have the same Gun, should be able to fire 450 rounds before the gun can start jamming.


I am unsure how weapon jamming works in War Thunder, but the building up of heat, and the cooling down of the gun should take much longer. This means longer bursts, but also a much longer cooling time.

Going by the math they are giving us in the manual, to fire 750 rounds continuously would take about 1 minute, and since there must be at least a 6 minute cooldown after 450 rounds, that means it would take 7 minutes of firing and waiting to be able to fire all of the ammo from the cannons.


In War Thunder's build as in the post, you can dispense all 750 rounds in less than 2 minutes, but the build up and cooling down of heat is a lot quicker which means bursts can't exceed 90 rounds without the gun possibly jamming.


I'm not sure how the math should be done in War Thunder, but in conclusion, the AH-1S with at least the new 20mm cannon weapon modification, and all other AH-1 Variants with the M197 Cannon, should be able to fire a fresh 450 round burst without jamming.


Lastly, while I haven't looked at a manual for the A129CBT nor have I been able to test it in War Thunder, it does use a M197 Cannon. It looks to me like it has a different recoil and turret assembly. However, it would be safe to assume the A129CBT shares the same 450 round burst limit and 6 minutes of cooling for the other 300 rounds that the AH-1S does as the manual explicitly says the M197 gun and not the turret assembly.


# Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Take any AH-1 variant with a M197 Cannon into a test drive.

  2. Fire several continuous bursts until the gun jams.

# Additional Information

# Affected vehicles

  • AH-1F

  • AH-1Z

  • AH-1S Early

  • AH-1S

  • AH-1S Kisarazu

  • Possibly, but most likely, the A129CBT

# Files

medal medal medal medal

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  • Technical Moderator



Thank you for your interest and help improving the game.  Your information has been forwarded to the Developers for their consideration.


If there is anything further regarding this report a Technical Moderator will contact you.


Thank you again for your support.


Kind Regards, _David_Bowie_

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