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Answering your questions and comments on economy changes.



Transition to the new economic system: poll results.

We would like to thank all War Thunder players for the intense discussion of possible transition to the new economic system, as well as for the very active voting in the transition poll. The majority of votes were received by the new economic system - rank based economy. The poll results are as follows: 

  • rank based economy: 76.7%
  • vehicle efficiency economy: 23.3%


We will continue to monitor your feedback and comments in order to apply adjustments if necessary.

We’d also like to clarify the more discussed points and tell you about the changes already made.

In some cases, in the rank based economy some similar vehicles may have different repair costs, for example F-86K (Germany, Italy, France).

Firstly, the published table of economy updates for the rank based economy does not contain target (final) values. Repair costs of specific vehicles are significantly affected by the normalization parameters (see details in the original article).

Secondly, the rank based economy does not mean equal repair prices for all similar vehicles, since this indicator is still influenced by the average lifetime parameter. The average lifetime in its turn is obviously influenced by allied and enemy vehicles that are different in Realistic battle mode for different gaming nations.

Thus, the three F-86K’s - German, Italian, and French - in Arcade battle mode (where all gaming nations fights together) will have different target values of the repair costs in a rank based economy: 3,870, 3,880 and 3,870 SL, instead of the corresponding 2,090, 2,430 and 2,700 SL in the vehicle efficiency economy.

In Realistic battle mode, target values of the repair costs are slightly different (by 16%): 12,610, 12,530 and 14,560 SL. In the vehicle efficiency economy, however, the difference is much more substantial (by 49%): 7,220, 6,840 and 10,190 SL. Although a small, but noticeable difference in the repair costs is due to the difference in the lifetime (a similar 16%): 458, 445 and 515 seconds. The different repair costs allow us to equalize the total income over time for these aircraft, after subtracting the repair cost from the resulting reward.

Refinements on special cases of incorrect normalization of the repair prices during the transition to a rank based economy.

After publication of the original article, we continued to work on the economy update, and, thanks to your feedback, have found specific situations where the normalization of the repair costs during transition to the rank based economy works incorrectly (been calculated by values of the efficiency based economy).

So, we have fixed the issue, when the normalized repair costs were higher or lower than both current repair costs, and that target value in the rank based economy, so that it didn’t require normalization. For example, current repair costs for Jaguar GR.1A in Realistic battles is now 8,330 SL, and the target value in the rank based economy is 8,790 SL, and the normalized cost is 10,000 SL. It is obvious that the aircraft doesn’t require normalization at all, and the transition of the repair cost from 8,330 SL to 8,790 SL is possible within a single economy update.

On the other hand, M48A2 C in the RB mode has the current repair cost of 3,120 SL, with the target value in the rank based economy 4,920 SL, and normalized cost of 2,600 SL. In this case, transition to the rank based economy does not require reduction of the repair costs, however instant shift to the target value is impossible due to the difference with the current one. That is why we have recalculated the normalized repair cost for the upcoming economy update to 3,700 SL.

Reduction of the normalization of the repair costs for vehicles with big differences between the target and current values.

Some vehicles have their target repair costs in a rank based economy, vary greatly from the current ones, and, taking into account the normalization, the transition will take a huge number of economic updates. We decided to accelerate the transition in specific extreme cases.

For example, the B-29 in RB mode has her current repair cost equal to 35,850 SL, target value in the rank based economy is 11,040 SL, and the normalized cost is 30,000 SL. It is easy to calculate that the transition to the target value with normalization will require 6 economic updates, or 1-2 years. New normalized cost is corrected to 15,000 SL.

Updates to the tables of the upcoming economic update.

Taking into account all the above points, we have prepared the updates table of changes to the reward multipliers, repair costs, and related economic parameters. The listed changes will be applied by the release of the economy update planned on the 3rd of February.

We have also added some shifts in the research trees, as well as an updated table of research and purchase costs with the related economic parameters for some vehicles (see the first message in the topic).

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